Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | 11 to the September 17

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

September 11 to 17

Storm feelings can accompany the last quarter of the Moon in Gemini. You are likely to come face to face with an emotional issue that involves your social life or a particular friend. Maybe you feel out of group meetings (Are you being a hermit again, Scorpio?) Or you have to clean the air with a friend that hurt your feelings. Being open about your feelings will help you to resolve the situation. Conversations with friends will be your main goal this weekend, but that does not mean you can not enjoy a romantic date too. A spontaneous or unusual date can bring pleasure on Sunday!

Your partner can be useful in your career this week, even indirectly. It is an excellent time for teamwork, so think carefully about how you can help each other with your goals. When one of you succeeds, both succeed, so avoid jealousy.

The problem is that you can only help so many people in the world and you can not keep your hands constantly and expect things to work as if you were magic. Magic does not work that way, you can only send intention and influence to a situation and then you have to let life take its course, it is very difficult to start a movement, it is even more difficult to continue that movement. You are doing everything possible, but you also have the day job to worry about and, sometimes, these charitable missions can occupy all your time and energy.

Make sure it is something that you find worthwhile in the end, if you help even a person to change their life that is better than doing nothing. If you increase awareness of a cause, that is better than raising money, and if you put it out there, that is better than sitting down and letting the problem persist. Therefore, you know you are on the right track with your efforts, and you know you are doing your best, but you are just one person and you need many people like you out there fighting the good fight. The problem is that there are many people like you out there and everyone is fighting for different things that mean a lot to them. Therefore, you need simply soldier and pull the people in your cause and do not worry about the opponents or the idiots, you just do what you can do and you will be as effective as you can be with the resources and support you have.

The Moon moves to Gemini on Monday and his ability to express his passion for this cause is incredible. The Moon moves to Cancer on Wednesday while Venus trills Saturn, bringing positive influence to business relationships. The Sun places Saturn on Thursday bringing feelings of inadequacy. The Moon moves to Leo on Friday and spends the weekend there as Venus is sextile to Jupiter allowing her to express her feelings and recruit more people. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Saturday bringing intellectualism.

Ascending: You are on the right path do not forget

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