Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Scorpio Weekly

14 to August 20

Do not believe everything you hear. Gossip can be malicious this week, or you can simply get the wrong end of a very strong issue and misinterpret something completely. In case of doubt, ask many questions and get to the truth in that way.

Slow and constant is how you will go through life because if you try to run a marathon shortly after going through something, you will find that you are not in the right way to do it. It's like the people who run marathons, in fact, they work every day, they carry out tests for months, practice, build a resistance, they press a little more each day so that when the marathon day comes they are in the best possible condition and can execute it without abandoning it halfway.

You have to think about life that resembles a marathon of five or ten kilometers for which you need to elaborate, it is necessary to practice and you need to give yourself a time to be stronger. It's about taking small steps that will lead you to bigger things in the future. You will realize that you have conquered that critical inner point of yours, or at least you are satisfied enough to not give yourself problems, but there are other aspects of your personality that are still in fluctuation mode and you may find yourself capsizing in different ways that are strange even for you For example, you may decide to withdraw from the marathon altogether, or you may decide that it is an important competition and decide that you want to win the marathon. Finally, I have verified that nobody really wins a marathon, they are made for charity, so they only raise funds for a worthy cause. Maybe you want to raise more money, and get there in the first place, but I do not see how you are going to serve your higher purpose. Take a step back to those ego-driven ideas, and really listen to yourself. The Moon begins the week in Taurus and progress is slow. The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you have too many ideas in your head. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday while Venus is square to Jupiter brings insincerity and an inclination to pursue the wrong dreams. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday bringing the isolation. The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday, while Mars is sextile to Jupiter, bringing confidence and motivation.

During this week the people of Scorpio will recover optimism and hope. You have gone through a period of great economic scarcity during which you have probably had to postpone your academic training. However, starting this week things will start to change and little by little you will start to see encouraging changes in your economy. In a very short time you can resume your studies and you will do it with more energy and responsibility than ever In the workplace, it will be a week of changes.

A new authority that will impose new ways of performing the company's tasks will arrive at your workplace. The stars advise you not to reveal yourself against this person because he can become a very bad enemy. In the field of finance and business, it will be a very difficult week. For some time now you have been experiencing some problems in this area. However, during the next few days an acquaintance will give you the key that will allow you to discover what it was that you were doing wrong, you will make some modifications and with it you will get your commercial venture back to be profitable and successful.

In the field of love, the man of Scorpio will be very depressed during the whole week. You have recently ended a relationship and you are very sad. However, starting at the weekend you will begin to feel better. The Scorpio woman will have an excellent week. You are going through an ideal moment with your partner, the bond that unites them is stable and sincere and the communication is fluid.

Ascendant Scorpio: Raising money for charity is a great challenge to be done.

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