Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | 30 from October to 5 from November

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

30 from October to 5 from November


It is a moment during this week in which you will recognize some past mistakes, since new changes are coming in our life and we have to accommodate all the new things that are going to enter, and it is necessary to cleanse and close old cycles that They have been disturbing us for a long time.

Currently you must settle accounts, uproot those issues anchored in the past as there is a major future change in which we must open the way to new paths that open in our eyes. You must decide, close cycles of the past and open yourself to the new opportunities that life will offer us.

Keyword of the Week: Changes

In the field of health,

It is possible that during this week there are some problems in the spine, especially at shoulder level, due to the excessive load we carry on our shoulders, both literally and figuratively. It is recommended that during this week you do checkups with your usual doctor to avoid some complications in the future due to these contractures, as well as really check if you can delegate to someone different responsibilities to walk more rested.

Key Word in Health: Overload

In the labor and economic sphere

During this week you are likely to be faced with some moral dilemmas with your work and assignments which will make you relive some internal fears as they will face your belief system or experiences. It is important that you do not get to block since you can possibly miss a few days at work because you can find yourself totally stuck in those experiences. You must understand what is the origin of these fears in order to overcome them with great inner strength. Within your heart you will often find the answer and the strength to face them and free yourself.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Fears

In the field of love,

This week you will be a bit jealous and possessive with your partner, to the point that you can feel drowned by your desire to control their movements. This feeling of possessiveness must be counteracted with a little self-confidence, since probably some fears from the past, from our own experiences so far make us distrustful of your partner. It is important to recover that trust with oneself and with the partner as long as they do not feel totally displaced by our behavior.

Key Word in Love: Possessivity
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