Horoscope of this Week Scorpio | 28 from August to 3 from September

Horoscope of this Scorpio Week

28 from August to 3 from September

This Week Scorpio the Moon of the first quarter in Sagittarius is turning its attention towards money. You are motivated to expand your purchasing power to help pay for something you are considering buying. You may also experience a conflict between money and friendship. This means that it is an unfavorable time to lend money to a friend or spend on social activities. Ideas and talks that focus your career will be the theme of retrograde Mercury in Leo. No doubt they will be attracted to people who have an aura of power. This is also an excellent time to review your goals. However, delaying the start of a project until after Mercury becomes the 5 in September.

This Scorpio Week empowering competent people is one thing, empowering people who do not know what they are doing can be a disaster. It's amazing how some positions of power do not come with better research, how we can choose regular people every day, businessmen and women to run for positions that involve making decisions for thousands of people. No matter how much experience you have with politics, being part of the government is not a position that you can apply like all other positions.

People have to decide that you are popular enough to be the voice that drives them. What is terrible is that people do not have a set of credentials to pass, a set of qualifications, a sense of what to look for in a candidate, all this is subjective, everyone has a different opinion about what they want, So some countries have done away with these archaic leadership style democracies and have moved to party systems where they choose the best person for their area, and those people choose who among them is the most qualified to be the leader of his party and From there we have a leader of a country. You are amazed at how many people come to power simply because there was no more specific work for them to do, such as the managers at McDonald's. You know that the only people who are promoted are people who are not becoming doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, they are people whose only potential is the administration. You can not believe how horrible that is.

This Week Scorpio the Moon moves to Sagittarius on Monday and it's amazing to see who has power. Mercury moves to Leo on Thursday when the Moon moves to Capricorn and you are trying to maintain your own power. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday and you are having a heated discussion. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday, bringing intellectualism.

The people of Scorpio will have a good week, especially with everything that relates to their family environment. During this week there will be an alignment between Mars and Jupiter, which will drive you to realize your commercial projects. However, you will have difficulties to plan and organize correctly and therefore you will waste some excellent opportunities that will come your way. The next few days are for you to relax and enjoy the achievements at work level that through so much effort and dedication have been achieved. The slogan for this weekend is to have fun, organize an outing with your friends and your partner to celebrate your excellent professional moment.

This meeting will also help you to vindicate yourself with them because lately you have paid them very little attention. This week the people of Scorpio will be able to give themselves new opportunities in the field of love. Recently you have suffered from sentimental disappointments that have caused you to have a negative attitude towards love. However, this week is ideal to forget the bad times and heal the wounds that caused so much pain. On this occasion you will meet a person who will be completely different from the one who hurt you and betrayed you. Pay attention to your surroundings, the love of your life should not necessarily be a stranger, it may be someone who has been in your life for a long time but maybe you have never paid attention to it.

Upward: Amazing how society chooses who has power

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