Runes Scorpio Week | 3 to the 9 of July | Text

Runic prediction and angelic message for the sign of Scorpio for the week of the 3 to the 9 of July of 2.017 - Transcript

Runes Scorpio Week

3 to the 9 of July

This is the version of the post with the transcription of the video included HERE, with a series of tips and novelties that we hope you also like, anyway we would like you to give us opinions in the posts that you would like to see added to the spreads or predictions in order to reach you more deeply, since everything we do With the utmost respect and love of the world towards you, it is what makes us strong every day.

The rune that governs you it marks an important turn, a profound transformation in the process of searching for being. A turn of 180 degrees in attitude and way of facing life. It is a clearly favorable period of increase and trend. A light is revealed at the end of the tunnel that brings victory and achievement of what you desire. It indicates that a natural cycle ends (as the night gives way to the day) and it is time to act. If you are going through a bad patch, it will come to an end.

In the health, the week will start well, with energy and motivation. The habits that you are following are practically in their totality positive, but perhaps you should leave some that wear you out excessively. At the end of the week you will begin to perceive some ailment that can be quite important if it is not treated. Do not underestimate any discomfort you have, since they will end up taking their toll. When in doubt, visit a specialist.

At work, It is a propitious moment to start new projects or consolidate those that you have already undertaken. You feel motivated for this and because of your hard work, these projects will have consequences. It is a good time to look around and see if you have someone with whom you can share this project and join them. If so, the negotiations will be simple and the associations fruitful. You will have the strength to carry out your goals and value to do what you have given so many laps, however, it is important to warn that, for much courage and much desire, you should not act impulsively.

In love, you are protected. The situation you are in is comfortable for you, although not entirely satisfactory. In front you have several roads to choose, but you prefer to stay as you are. In this way, although you have the opportunity to evolve before you, you will pick up what is sown. Your involvement in a relationship with a partner or with friends will be proportional to the involvement they give you back. Do not let relationships wear out at times of apathy. On the other hand, watch out for the rumors that may come to you, or the information that you can share, since the fact of doing it with the wrong person can cause misunderstandings.

The Council of Angels: Whoever sings the truths is exposed to the wrath of those who deny them. Many times, telling the truth implies starting a conflict because there are many people who are not willing to admit it.

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