Gemini horoscope today | 11 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

11 / 09 / 2017

Gemini today It is likely that a battle of wills is emerging between you and another powerful individual in this may be occurring more predominantly in the fiery planets of your family life occupying your fourth home of domestic activity now. If it is a work context, do not underestimate the power of others to hurt you, even if you do not intend for yourself. Jealousy can be a very powerful thing, especially if you are going through a period of success. You could end up worse for wear. Grace is the way to go, but for the same reason, you should not react out of fear and remain silent because there are other diplomatic ways to affirm yourself in a way that sends a clear signal to the other person. The written word is also sometimes more powerful than the word.

Suddenly, you are filled with the joy of life. You are making jokes to the left and to the right, keeping everyone entertained. It's a great day for interesting conversations and clever exchanges, but if you can put this intellectual energy to use, so much the better. Writing a compelling proposal for a client or a recommendation for a colleague comes easily now. It also makes juggling multiple tasks at work or housework.

Gemini today Your mind and your emotions are involved in a tug of war today. The Moon in your sign in front of your Mercury rule is triggering an inner conflict about something you need. You think you should not need it, but with Mars also in the mix, your wishes will nullify your judgment, and you're likely to find yourself doing it, buying it or eating it anyway. Your childhood may be involved if this particular (or similar) need was not met from the beginning. What do you want, Gemini? Ignoring it will not make it disappear. Someone wise can offer ideas that will bring together the players of the opposing team within you.

Gemini today Many times in our life we ​​must make difficult decisions, especially those that involve postponing some of our desires, in pursuit of achieving other goals that we are putting on the road, today is one of those days.

You must choose between two paths to follow in your studies, remember that part of growing involves sacrificing certain things, but do not worry, you can always go ahead and go through the other option that you had.

At work you will have to sacrifice a little of some dreams that you wanted to achieve in the short term by others that you can achieve in a longer time.

A very successful person has put his eyes on you to offer you something that will seem very convenient at first, but it could be risky later on, meditate well what you will do.

Love you should wait a little, it is not yet time that comes to your life, if you already have a relationship, take care of it.

Daily meditation: Knowledge is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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