Gemini horoscope today | 21 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

21 / 08 / 2017

Special reading for today's total solar eclipse: The way to communicate with people is of vital importance in determining the success of your future and, as this total solar eclipse takes place in your sphere of communications, your interest in this area will grow. You will begin to connect the points and you will understand how speech and language can have an incredible influence on others and you will want to study patterns of language, neurolinguistics and the psychology of how we can improve as human beings. Part of this research will awaken your interest in travel and if you have been leading a sedentary life for some time that is about to change.

You will have a real presence today, and best of all, everyone in your life will see it. You can fly in any scene on the wings of charm and inspiration. That will cause an impression. How will you use this positive energy? Here are some suggestions: to impress your boss at work, or your teacher at school; To score points with your love; To dazzle that special person; Or simply to reaffirm to your friends and family why they love you so much.

Gemini today you are thinking too much about things and that is causing several problems in your life.

If you are meeting someone, do not have it all the time in your head, since all you will get is to create doubts and insecurities regarding this relationship, keep your mind occupied in other things, will contact you when it is convenient or when it ends your daily tasks.

If you are a couple, it is likely that you are facing doubts and you are creating problems and fantasies that have nothing to do with reality, do not do such a thing, trust more in who you have by your side.

A difficult task will be entrusted to you during the day, it is likely that you feel that it is too big for you and your skills in the matter, but do not give up, you can take forward any professional obstacle that you put in front.

Take care of your back, rest the corresponding hours.

Daily meditation: Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it. - Salvador Dali

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