Gemini horoscope today | 23 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

23 / 08 / 2017

Your work practices will be misdirected during the next few days so you need to stay one step ahead of this trend. You may not realize it, but you are overtaking others and this is somehow creating the opposition of others. This in turn will obstruct you on the ladder of success and make you feel unhappy. Fortunately, the Sun with its conjunction of Mercury in its fourth house now paves the way for a sense of inner relief and happiness, even if Mercury is still retrograde. Try to be less a dictator and more a listener during this phase. Do not blur lines in a relationship. You need to be clear and establish the rules early in peace. If someone is crossing borders now you probably only have to blame yourself. To gain respect, set limits or end up in a no win situation.

You're smart but not great. It's probably because you know too much. And that disturbing or forbidden knowledge will make you tense today, if you leave it. Your imagination is too ready to roam the half-hidden world of other people's secrets. Maybe you're afraid that those secrets are about you. Maybe you're jealous of losing a party where your presence would not be necessary anyway. You'll get more of this little humpy anxiety once a quick decision gives you a push. Busy, fulfilled people do not have time to worry about things like that. They are too cold.

Gemini today is going through a good time in your life, if you are in a mature age of life, this takes much more strength, since you can see that things around you are going well.

If you are in the stage of studies, it is not yet time to sit down and see how the fruits of your work come, you should try harder, a possible exam will bring you difficulties today.

Eat chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa to activate your mind and help your concentration.

A person who is interested to meet you has been very insistent on your idea, do not make him see that you have no interest in this meeting, since it is very likely that, if you are, but you are afraid to take the step to know him beyond , love is for the brave and for those who are not afraid to fail in it.

Daily meditation: Love is not singular except in syllable. - Marvin Taylor

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