Gemini horoscope today | 24 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

24 / 08 / 2017

Work versus relationships are playing in your mind today, and you are wondering what way to turn. Withdrawing from work for a while will help you with your decision. Your professional life could be in danger if you dig in your heels and do not choose to "play with the other children on the playground on your terms. Try to be more flexible. Deliberate thinking is what is needed now, but be careful in your plan of action. You may be bored with the processes, but the results will be worth it. There is a highly creative energy around you and you have a different skill in your work. Others may recognize this, but not necessarily say anything. Ask for comments.

You must have a lot of fun today, because the current cosmic approach is teamwork. And joining forces with other people is one of your favorite things, as it allows you to feed on the energy of others and bounce around ideas. Since you are an idea person by nature, this type of quick thinking brainstorming session works especially well for you. Enjoy the process of speaking, debating, exchanging ideas and developing something truly creative.

A refreshing influence could be the reason why you feel moved to connect with someone who may have ideas and values ​​very different from yours. You may not understand your perspective, but you may not need to. If you find that there is a natural attraction between you, it may be that you have something to learn from each other and that doing so could be satisfying for both of you.

Gemini today life is organized in mysterious ways many times, but we must also help this process, the best way is to keep calm in front of the events that are happening and always looking for solutions to the problems that are presented to us.

At this time you should take this advice, since you may be experiencing some anxiety because things are not happening in the time you want, remember that we do not own time, so it is always better to consider what we want can be achieved Step by Step.

Do not be afraid to show your true feelings towards someone who makes you lose your head, if you are not reciprocated, then it is better to go ahead and look the other way, there is not only one person for you in the world.

A money that you should receive during the day, do not spend it immediately.

Daily meditation: Never surrender except to the convictions of honor and good sense. - Winston Churchill

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