Gemini horoscope today | 25 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

25 / 10 / 2017

Gemini today you may possibly find answers to your questions through your inner voice, of intuition. You must connect with your intuition, even if the answers you find are not what you expected, that generate more questions or that just seem extravagant.

Sometimes, through one's own conscience, one's own knowledge, one comes to solve doubts and questions to questions that have long disturbed us. We will also find it useful to listen to it in order to reach the solutions that for some time have seemed elusive to us.

Your encouragement
It seems that lately you have been somewhat disconnected from a very important thing, from yourself. It is time to become aware of oneself and be able to listen and become aware of what both the spirit and the body asks of you. Surely you will find an answer to several needs that are arising and may not be the way you expect. But many times from the deep voice of our interior emanate the answers without knowing exactly if what it tells us will square with our conscious.

Your encouragement:

Gemini today is the time to assume the consequences of our actions in the relationship, since it is possible that we have made some act of which we are not aware and our partner is resenting it. Meditate on the consequences of your last acts and act accordingly, at this time it is important to reach a harmony with your partner to be able to move forward.


Gemini today you will have advice from an older woman who is very creative and will help you see more clearly about the changes you have to do to better develop your projects and goals, it is a time when letting yourself be advised is ideal a possible stagnation in the making. You should also leave aside your current impulsiveness to act in moderation.


Gemini today you may find yourself today in an internal turmoil in which you are somewhat clinging to your own internal fears, you may have threatened or felt threatened for some reason and therefore you are not able to calm down. It is a moment in which you must find out what is the reason for these anxieties and fears in order to fight them head on and face them without complexes.

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