Gemini horoscope today | 29 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

29 / 08 / 2017

Gemini today there is no shame in changing the plans and adapting to the situation. Explain to others before making a reservation to avoid confrontations. You and your friends may have some crossed lines of communication. This might confuse you to restrict your relationships. Go back and redefine what you want to say with friendship. Your monetary situation will suffer changes and will be linked to internal affairs. You can get benefits for inheritance, alimony or insurance. Immediate attention may be required from you to respond to some changes that are in the offing, so do not ignore these requests. Stay inside and plan a little.

A project or a relationship has captured your imagination, and you would like to run with this. In your eyes, the possibilities are plentiful, but you still can not get a lot of external support. If that is the case, simply follow your own path for now. Others will come to see that this is a worthy cause. Soon, you will have a lot of support and assistance, and it will become a team effort.

Gemini today the Moon in front of your mercury rule can put you out of touch with your needs concerning your life at home. You will have difficulty making decisions that involve your family or property because your mind and heart will be out of alignment with each other. This influence can also make it difficult to come from a sympathetic place if you are dealing with a problematic family member. Being a smart air sign, your intellect has probably altered your feelings. As such, taking the time to calm your thinking processes so that you can access your inner world will help you focus.

Gemini today you are having little control over your life and there are many things you need to handle and have the skills to do it, but for some reason you are not doing what you owe.

It is important that you begin to realize what is the problem you have and how you can give a quick solution.

It is likely that you live a somewhat uncomfortable situation at work, you may pass a shame because of an error you made, you will get attention in front of everyone and that will be very unpleasant, try to avoid mistakes by paying more attention and leaving aside the distractions.

A person who wants to make a trip with you, will call you to refine the details, if at this time you can not make the trip, ask him to change the date.

In love you have problems, since you are leaving aside the person you love or you are not giving him the protection he needs, take care of this ..

Daily Meditation: The opposite of a problem would probably be the right solution. Joey Lawsin

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