Gemini horoscope today | 09 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

09 / 08 / 2017

You can not be alone today, so be better with the rest of the people, especially since the recent Full Moon and Mars have been in joint association. You can make improvements in your spiritual "health". Even though you are now appealing to other people, stay with those who need you at home. Someone is suffering a psychological problem and you need to be there for him. Once you have your head around some specific information, you must organize your calendar to include this amazing new interest in your life, you will feel much more relaxed and totally ready for the next step associated with this new field. You have difficulties to concentrate on the present.

Gemini today your physical energy is silenced today, but emotionally, you are more tuned than usual with subtle signals and vibrations. You can or can not accept this influence! It may be interesting to take advantage of the feelings, fears and needs of others, but you may not want to have access to that kind of information. Knowing that there is a need makes you feel obligated to fill it. That is the line you will walk today.

Gemini today stagnant projects and businesses that do not manage to float will be the keynote of the day for Gemini.

You have the opportunity to live a very beautiful moment with someone dear to you today, do not waste it worrying about things that are not working well in another part of your life, better lean on your partner, always there to sustain you and push yourself to be better.

It is not a day to propose to sell a property, better wait to be sure that you can make the sacrifice of leaving a property that can help you in a moment where you may need more.

A walk to some place near the sea will be a good scenario for the day or for the weekend, if you have the opportunity to do it, do not stop, it will be a big benefit to get fresh air and have a good time with your loved ones .

Daily Meditation: Being responsible sometimes means passing over people. - Colin Powell

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