Gemini horoscope today | 10 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

10 / 08 / 2017

You are having difficulty making a professional decision, especially with the recent full moon that affects your activities in the workplace. You are trying to see the best while ignoring the negative behaviors. Do not be weak. You may want to reconsider if your friends or co-workers have the same spiritual goals as you, otherwise you may start to wonder if these people are right for you. Your social horizons expand under this transit. Friendships thrive, groups are formed and new contacts are made. Activities that involve organizations or groups must be positive and successful now.

Today you are in a dreamy and imaginative mood. Your thoughts, usually so quick and sharp, are now more fantastic. It's a wonderful day to give you time to daydream. Let your mind wander through the realm of fantasy. You can find great inspiration for your next creative work. At least, it's a relief to leave logic cold and hard behind a day, and play only in your unlimited imagination.

Gemini today an important decision regarding love is going around in your head, if you are in the moment of separating the roads with your partner for possible fights they have had, it is better that you sit down to meditate on the matter, you can repent more ahead.

A family you know is going through a bad time because of a possible scam or fraud that they have done, try to help as much as possible.

For singles, life is full of love, but they are not in the right moment to start a new relationship, since past actions are tormenting them, you must give them the opportunity to love again and trust a new person.

Do not leave your work just because it is getting heavy, you will have this feeling during the day, try to endure and overcome the difficulties, tomorrow you will have a better day,.

Daily Meditation: The secret of moving forward is to start. - Mark Twain

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