Horoscope weekend Gemini | 8 to the September 10

Horoscope Gemini weekend

September 8 to 10

A conversation with one of your most unusual friends can provide a perspective that you had not previously considered. This could make you think about your emotions and your sex life in a different way. An intimate encounter on Saturday or Sunday could completely drive your world crazy. So much so that you experience all kinds of intense emotions. They are not usually of the possessive type, but you could go crazy if you start thinking that you need to block things and be the only recipient of this person's attention and affection. Whoa, Gemini. Put the brakes on that train of thought before you accident and burn., Gemini.

Gemini Single, You left that advice thinking that the people closest to you would take it and run with it. They assumed that they would appreciate their point of view and would immediately make changes. You can not believe that you were wrong, or, to be more exact, you can not believe that they have not done it yet. If it were you, this would have already been done, what else do you need to think about?
, Gemini.

You have made the point and it is time to take action. Actually, you made the point and now you are stewing over it, and obsessing about it and instead enjoying your weekend you are frustrated that your partner has not taken out the garbage yet and is piling up. You know, he has not talked to his mother about what's really important. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo.

The Gemini will have to help someone this weekend and this is something that will not cost them at all. Anyway, what they do have are pretty clear ideas of how far they can go and will not go beyond their limits. We can say that Gemini have someone who knows how to advise them well and this person is the one who always helps them to have clear ideas and to enjoy advice that relieves them of complicated situations, something that many other signs should learn to do.

Those who have a couple will have a good weekend near it, so it is important that they do not waste all their time in friends or with obligations.

Ascendant: Why do not you worry about yourself?

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