Horoscope weekend Gemini | 1 to the September 3

Horoscope weekend Gemini

September 1 to 3

You'll have a lot to say this weekend, especially when a crazy friend smells you. Those who are within range may not remember the words they used, but they will remember how what you said made them feel, so keep in mind what you are communicating to others and how you are going to express your thoughts. Be constructive instead of confrontation. You can make great progress with a written project, especially if it is part of a group effort. On the front of the relationship, things do not look too spoiled. The planetary alignment this weekend could help stabilize a relationship or transform a casual romance into something more serious.

You might have one of those moments of genius by which you think you know what is best for all around you, but look and hold, you are panting the wisdom that some of the people in your inner circle They do not appreciate.

You can not very well make more cuts to that social circle so now the process of finding out who you are, knowing what your challenges are and learning how to mitigate those defects begins. You have a lot to do for you, do not let these few fundamental problems ruin what long life or decades of friendships and relationships have been. Is it really important that it be right? It is up to you to decide what matters most to you, I think the answer is clear. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday.

The Gemini have spent a very pleasant week with the family and friends, but what has gone better and will continue in this way, will be employment and the economy. Finally, they have learned that saving money is something important to have stability in life and this is what will allow them to be most grateful with everything they have.

Gemini who do not have a partner should have their eyes wide open in these two days, because there is someone who is throwing hints that they can not see. And it is that, to the Gemini, this is something that costs them a lot.

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