Horoscope weekend Gemini | 11 at 13 in August

Horoscope Gemini weekend

11 to August 13

Get ready for something important that is going to happen this weekend, Gemini. This event could take you to a new path which you will greatly appreciate. If you are in a relationship, both you and your partner will probably see a clearer picture of what you want in the future for your relationship. Take advantage of the good energy that surrounds you and enjoy the new opportunities that come to your encounter, Gemini.

Gemini single, the alignment of the planets in your graph show that you will feel open to new things this weekend. As a result, good things will come flowing into your life. Take this opportunity to loosen some space in your heart too. If there is someone you like, why do not you let them know? You have nothing to lose and only the love to win, Gemini.

You could be the soul of the party, but there is a time when the party has to end and people have to let you put your pants back on. I mean, it was all fun and games, you invited everyone, or you went with all your friends, and surely, there was too much alcohol and then someone got a little quarrelsome with you, but that's okay, as long as you can finish in some moment and you can return to focus on you. The issue of success is that you do not take a free weekend, you have to work on a schedule and probably focusing on a day job to make it all work. So you have things to do and you do not have time to make that party. The sun trines Saturn on Sunday and the Moon moving to Taurus.

The natives of Gemini will be able, at last, to have the ideal weekend with this person that they want so much to have near. This person we talk about can be either the couple, or a friend, or someone in the family, and this is something that only every Gemini will know. Be the person that is, this is important in the lives of these natives and being by their side is something that makes them feel much better and stronger.

Those who are single, however, are going to be a bit in need of a partner, but it is not something that they will spend the day thinking about. The truth is Gemini know that sooner or later this person will arrive in your life.

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