# Gemini June 2017

#General: Mercury enters the 6 in June for Gemini, and suddenly everyone could become more interesting.

# Gemini June 2017

#General: Mercury enters the 6 of Gemini in June, and suddenly everyone could become more interesting. Awaken your curiosity and stay that way. Love and romance shine brightly for you around the full moon of June's 9. Suddenly, a lover could become generous and affective (to the point of not believing). Accept attention and make sure that any act of generosity and kindness does not have an implicit commitment. The New Moon of the June 23 empowers your financial and monetary forecasts. An income opportunity could be lucrative and keep you with too many occupations to spend more than you need or intend. It is now when you could participate in a recently created company.

Best days: 13, 20, 29

Worst days: 18, 27

#Amor Singles: The squaring between the Sun and Neptune of the June 4 has confusing energies, so trying to cheat someone may have the consequence of cheating on you. This is not the smartest of the aspects, so do not proceed with a relationship thinking that you have everything solved (it probably is not so). Mercury leaves your relaxed sign and enters the 21 Cancer in June, changing the way you like to communicate. Instead of having short and logical conversations, you could express yourself poetically for hours. The trine between Mars and Neptune of the June 25 expands your mind and helps you see things not only for what they are, but also for what they could be. Your romantic idealism is admirable.

#Amor Couple: The uncertain square between the Sun and Neptune the June 4 brings confusion, so try to avoid making important or definitive decisions around that date. Wait until both are on the same frequency before committing to anything in the future. Mercury leaves your carefree sign to enter Cancer the June 21, so communication will be based more on emotions than on logic. This is not the most comfortable position for you, but you can adapt. The trine that Mars forms with Neptune the 25 of June takes you to guide you by your intuition. This time you have the confidence to take advantage of those "feelings" that you have. Letting yourself be carried by the current feels good.

#Job: The June 9, the end of a business relationship paves the way for other opportunities. While you will miss working with an experienced professional, it will be fun to explore new options. Take this opportunity to enter another area. You are incredibly versatile. Every time you can explore another department, service or industry, do it. The second half of June will bring you an impressive opportunity to earn money. Working in the areas of advice or research can be very lucrative. If you ever wanted to dedicate yourself to teaching, this would be a good time to offer classes to people interested in your areas of knowledge.

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