# Gemini March 2017

# Gemini March 2017

#General: The conjunction between Mercury and Neptune of the March 4 makes you think of the best of a couple or relationship that matters to you but is difficult. Home life and domestic stability stand out around the full moon of the March 12. Maybe your day job or a social event tries to distract you, but your heart will not allow it. This does not mean you're not going out a bit. Social life could get out of control near the New Moon on March's 27. It is very likely that you are the one who provokes it and you are the center of attention. Be good while you go out to provoke some people.

#Amor Singles: You have your head in place, and thanks to the superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the March 6, it is not difficult to express all the wonderful ideas you have. Appointments that are not in tune with you are not the best for you. Venus retrograde rubs against Mercury in Aries the March 18, which lets you see things clearly for a day. Once you objectively identify your mistakes, solving them does not seem very difficult. The squaring between Jupiter and Pluto from the March 30 leads you to question the difference between good and evil, but deep down you know the answer. Think well before choosing.

#Amor Couple: The conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the March 6 makes your communication style more logical, so good luck to any couple that wants to discuss. Almost you can win any discussion during this aspect. Mercury in Aries meets Venus retrograde the March 18, which gives you a day to evaluate your past relationships with objectivity. What happened? Who had the fault? In the end, does it matter? The squaring of Jupiter and Pluto from the March 30 brings a moral dilemma, but you know you want to do the right thing. What other option do you have left?

#Job: The Full Moon of March's 12 marks an interesting turning point in your profession. In that moment, you will realize that it is vital that you find a job that has a very personal meaning for you. Whether that means leaving your current field of work for a more stimulating one or seeking better assignments is your decision. The important thing is that you get out of the suffocating routine that no longer does you good. You will make some important contacts at the end of March. Meeting people who have high positions will help you attract better clients. Instead of working with people who are indifferent to your talents, you will have clients who will appreciate them.

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