Gemini Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Gemini

October 2017

If you are a Gemini and would like to know what the month of October is for you, read our prediction and get organized. People who have the Gemini zodiac sign, usually characterized by being too self-demanding. Normally, they demand that they give their best in everything they do. The problem comes when something gets complicated, possibly because the goal they intend to achieve has the bar too high, not only for them, but for anyone who tries. This frustration makes them have ups and downs in their mood and that influences their relationships with people. .

Gemini October 2017

They give too much importance to the goal that they have proposed at that moment, whatever the importance of it and they become too obsessed with achieving it. Many times, the problem that they put themselves to get what they propose is that they are distracted with small details that do not matter and are not focused on their goal. On the other hand, it is a sign with a great imagination. In all those aspects of their lives in which they are involved they give free rein to their imagination endowing them with great originality and variety.

Health will cry out to you to give you a break. Throughout the summer you have forced your body above its possibilities and now it's time to pay the consequences of so much effort. The advisable thing would have been for when the body did not give more of yes, but now that there is no other remedy, you must rest calmly until your body is again in full performance.

The health of the Gemini will cry for respite
On the other hand, although Gemini is physically exhausted, the previous months have served to clear his mind, so his mental health has been highly decongested. The problems that could overwhelm him months ago have evaporated thanks to the great social life that has accompanied him during the three months of summer. New friendships have appeared in his life making everything have changed remarkably.

Even so, going back to the previous recommendation, the Gemini should not continue with the same pace of life they had until now. As appealing as it may seem and for many benefits you may have to clear your head, if you do not have physical health in full swing, you will not be able to keep up with the pace of life you have maintained so far.

Those single Gemini who have been stumbling during the summer will feel the need to settle down once and for all. Many times, the need to feel wanted by a greater number of people in order to increase their personal confidence will cause you to find nothing that really is worthwhile and feel empty in the field of love.

Gemini singles will seek to settle their heads once and for all
The security has to find each one in itself, so it is best to leave sporadic relationships continued to focus on one that is really worthwhile. In the long run, this will mean greater security both in love and in more aspects, since he has found that person who completes him.

For people who belong to this sign and have a partner, the prediction for this month of October will not shake the foundations of their relationship.

They have had a good streak in love for a long time and it shows that they have made their love come to a solid and stable relationship. Potholes have no place at this stage of his life. It is the moment to make decisions looking towards the future since that stability that you enjoy will be the one that gives security to the plans to go well. Do not be afraid, finally having a partner is finding a person with whom to share everything and there is nothing more beautiful than looking ahead.

In this month, those Gemini who have jobs will continue with him. Even so, the employment situation will not vary much since it will not be the time to ask for any increase. It's time to put the batteries and work more than ever so that the benefits end up coming as soon as possible. Do not overdo it by asking your boss for days or vacations since that will not give a good image of you. Try to request free days only when necessary and arrange your vacations thinking about the good of the company. Although it may be a sacrifice, in the end it will have a reward in the trust that our superiors will have in us, which will make everything easier for us.

The work situation of the Gemini will not vary too much
In regards to money, those Gemini who have a job, will not have a bigger problem with it as long as they know how to measure themselves. The money as it enters goes away, therefore it will be necessary to keep a control of it trying not to overdo the excesses because then there will be no money left for when it is really needed. As for the Gemini who are currently out of work, they will not have it easy, but that's not all bad.

They will have to know how to invest that time without work in carving a training that makes them fulfill more requirements to be able to access more jobs. Whether they are courses or higher studies, everything will be recommended to increase their qualities as a candidate for a job. When it comes to money, it's not going to be your month, but there's always a generous hand that will help you get out of this rut. It is not worth decaying, since with effort all adversities can be overcome and even significantly improve our situation ..

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