Monthly horoscope Gemini | Julio 2017

Excellent period from every point of view. Thanks to the good influences of Venus, this month will be optimal to relate socially and affectively.

Horoscope Monthly Gemini

July 2017

Saturn will go through your sixth house this month, which will increase your efficiency, and as a result, you will work very hard and replace your opponents. Problems related to the eyes and lower body is possible. There are chances of success in competitive exams. You will see your efforts towards success driven. You will work hard in your professional career. Your parents, partner and siblings have to take care of their health to avoid serious illnesses during this period. The planet Jupiter will remain in your fourth house during July, which will increase happiness in your family. Your mother would be inclined towards spiritual practices. You will be happy during this month, and you will be able to achieve peace of mind. There is a recommendation that you could get prestige and promotion in your job. You can increase your interest in religious activities, and you could consider going on a religious trip as well. Until July's 25, you have to take special care of your health, since you may have to face problems. Spiritual activities will retain the attention of your father. Moving in your first home, Mars will increase your energy and value. Even the transit of the Sun in your first home would not bring you good results as far as your health is considered. You need to try your best to avoid arguments with your partner, otherwise stress can endanger your relationship.

Excellent period from every point of view. Thanks to the good influences of Venus, this month will be optimal to relate socially and affectively.

If you are angry with your partner, you will want to make peace. The Geminian nature will become more sweet and accessible, especially in those Twins with a great weight of the planet Venus in their horoscope. For this group of Geminians the possibility of overcoming old pitfalls in the couple will be great; It will also be a good period to strengthen and legalize the affective union.

But if you identify with the class of twins more restless, versatile and superficial, in this month could increase dangerously inconsistency in love and thus your relationship could be shipwrecked. Do not let yourself be tempted by clandestine relationships or pretend to play at two points: the square of Jupiter from the sign of Virgo advises you to avoid imprudence and ex-cesos. It will be an excellent month to rest and enjoy a vacation or at least a few days of rest.

The good position of the planet Venus will make you give more importance to pleasure than to work. However, the auspicious influence of Mercury will give greater objectivity to your professional ideas and opinions and will positively activate communication, which will be fluid and agile. This planet will also help to smooth out differences among brothers, neighbors, friends and co-workers.

It will be a very propitious period to write, teach or study, as well as to start negotiations or discuss the terms of an employment contract. The Venusian force will not manifest itself only through affections, but also in its ability to obtain money or other material possessions.

Lucky days: 5, 14, 23

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