Gemini Monthly Horoscope | September 2017

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

The first thing you want to think about in your September 2017 Love Horoscope is October because Lucky Jupiter is about to leave your fifth fun house and playmates the October 10. September is the last full month that you will have to enjoy this playful square Approximately the next 12 years, so now is the time to "scream". If you have been waiting for the right moment to tell someone you love them, this is the place. And since Jupiter is considered so lucky, you may find that the feeling becomes quite easily. And if you're part of a couple, what's wrong with recapturing the romance? Since you will be very busy in the coming months, it may be a good time to start a weekly night of the date, so you can keep the passion alive. It is a fortunate moment that the Full Moon in the sixth shines a focus on its seventh house of committed relationships. Declare your love under the harvest moon.

Be sure to give your thanks to the Full Moon in Pisces for the 6 day that highlights your ten-race home. While full moons usually bring endings, that means they also give way to new beginnings. Use your wonderful mind and energy to create something that the world wants or needs and, finally, may be able to say goodbye to working for another person (that is unless you do not care). Neptune (retrograde) is also in your home of the race in the sign of Pisces and the world of imagination can become your financial reality by the time you go direct in early November. Apart from his career, there has been a great focus lately on his home and spending on making it a comfortable place for everyone to come and go. Around the 9 day, when Venus enters Virgo, take a clue to her own creative style related to home: what made her happy and what was well received by others. This could be your next big breakthrough idea.

Dynamic Mars moves into your Domestic Sector on 5 day, inviting you to make extensive improvements at home. If you are relocating, spend the first days of September making arrangements to move and pack. You will get a hard job finished in record time. On the same day, Mercury, its ruling planet, goes directly into its Communication Sector. Stagnant plans will gain some momentum forward, much to your relief.

The Full Moon on 6 day could mark a professional milestone. The powers-that-be are impressed by their creative ability. Do not be surprised if you receive an increase, promotion or both. If you have been applying for a job, you will get an attractive offer in the first days of the month. On 9 day, Mercury will move into your Domestic Sector, which will allow you to communicate more effectively with your family.

This is a good time to work together to solve a family problem. A business or romantic couple could hurt their feelings the 19, when a stressful New Moon triggers a confrontation. You may feel that you can not be yourself with someone who is obsessed with social status. Fortunately, forgiving Venus moves into your Family Sector on this same day, which makes it easier to discuss hurt feelings in a constructive way. On 22 day, the charming Sun moves to your Romance Sector. If you are single, you will attract at least two admirers. Have fun playing the dating game. Ultimately, you must choose the suitor who gets involved and challenges your intellect. Do you have a couple? Take this opportunity to go on a luxury holiday with your beloved. Seductive Pluto advances in its Sector of Intimacy on 28 day, making it easier to lower your guard with a love interest.

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