#Geminis from 13 to 19 for February

#Geminis from 13 to 19 for February

You might like a certain person who may prefer that the relationship between you, for now, remain platonic and friendly. Why? You may feel embarrassed to share your feelings with you at this time. And you may prefer to keep a low profile, even on Valentine's Day. However, do not lose sight of this, since everything could change in a matter of days. During this week, the Sun enters your sector of ambitions and you feel that it is time to take a big leap.

#Love Couples: Let romance be your main goal at the beginning of the week. If you think about it, you can probably do many things to remind your love why he fell in love with you at first. You put into practice some interesting tactics to get what you want at the end of the week, but your partner may discover your manipulations. It is better to follow the path of honesty.

#Amor Singles: How much are you striving to make your love life a success? If you do not work on it, how can you expect to get something? Take a few moments at the beginning of the week to establish your priorities. You love getting away with yours at the end of the week, but someone else might have something different in mind. You do not always have to be right, but it's not fun to be wrong all the time either.

#Profession: Stick to the familiar and expected. The energy can be intense and see you standing in the framework of a power struggle related to work. This is not the time to take sides. Things will lighten soon and you will feel more encouragement. You can be a source of fun and inspiration for others. These days are ideal for any job that allows you to share your experience.

#Money: It may be that your ideas do not have that usual lightness now and could include some very serious concepts. The good news is that they can be put to good use very soon. Until then, concern for your home dominates your thinking. You may realize that you are very tempted to spend on renovations or redecorating, especially if you are establishing an office within your home. However, you do not need much.

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