# Gemini from 13 to March 19

# Gemini from 13 to March 19

#General: As Mars gets deeper and deeper into your spiritual sector, it may revive feelings that have roots in the past. This is also the time to leave behind what may prevent you from expressing your feelings or fulfilling your strongest ambitions. Maybe one way to achieve it is through art or crafts, or you can do it dancing, swimming, going for a run or any other activity that helps you stabilize yourself. These simple measures can help you feel much better.

#Love Couples: Some people may think that your interests are a bit strange or unusual, but your partner knows you enough to accept them, or at least tolerate them. Make sure you know how much you appreciate their unconditional love at the beginning of the week! You have a manipulative side at the end of the week, but you use it sparingly. You realize that most decisions in a relationship are best made by two.

#Amor Singles: You can not please everyone all the time, and at the beginning of the week you start asking why you bother trying. Do not lose hope. Your ideal partner will enter the door just when you least expect it. With regard to appointments, you want things to be done your way over the weekend, but do not be demanding. If a person does not want to conform to your wishes, there are others out there who will. Keep looking

#Profession: This is a wonderful time for networking and making useful contacts. People from other countries or with additional education can be your best allies. Teamwork will be necessary in order to do the best job. Competition can help you understand yourself and others better. There is nothing like a healthy difference of opinion. Energy encourages memorable social gatherings and also brings luck for legal issues and partnership agreements.

#Money: This week, the Universe affects the area of ​​your letter that governs your home. It is time to put not only words, but also ideas in practice. You have been sitting in a potential gold mine. Bringing your talents to the Internet will mean direct sales, email subscribers, and potentially customers for the future and long term.

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