#Geminis from 20 to 26 for February

#Geminis from 20 to 26 for February

Maybe the conventional modes and means seem a bit conservative and very boring to conform to them this week. But if you decide not to comply with certain commitments or certain promises, especially regarding finances, it may not be advisable. Although responsibilities can be overwhelming, doing what others expect of you can help you maintain your reputation and security. If you long for an adventure, plan something that gives you that adrenaline rush. An exciting opportunity could appear this weekend.

#Love Couples: Do you always do the same in your relationship but expect better results? The beginning of the week is a good time for you to break your routine, especially if the older routine is getting boring and outdated. You and your partner may not express anything extraordinary in the last days of the week, but there is a clear background of discontent. Try to resolve this issue so that it does not become a burden later on.

#Amor Singles:
It's time for something good to happen in your love life. For real. You have already done your part of the work, now prepare to see the positive results. Be patient; almost there. The Universe should respond to your wishes soon. You try to put on a happy face when you're with happy couples over the weekend, but your loneliness is hard to hide. Your turn will come. Resist

You could have the opportunity to do something special for a co-worker who is in trouble. Even a kind word can make a big difference. The energy is mixed now. A part of you may wish to be able to move forward with ambitious plans. At the same time, mechanical breakdowns, last-minute changes, and other unexpected events can force you to slow down and carefully review what's happening. Excavate and try to what is expected.

This week may be one of the busiest. The Universe is changing your relationships in new and exciting ways, and affecting your sector of internal emotions and family life. You may want to hide or get under the sheets, but inside something requires your immediate attention. Pay attention.

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