# Gemini from 27 from February to 5 from March

# Gemini from 27 from February to 5 from March

#General: This week, many things happen that can pave the way for splendid new options, but it might be wise to not make important decisions until next week. You have already had the opportunity to analyze the details. With the ethereal energies of Neptune involved, expectations could be misinterpreted. Clarifying this matter first of all can make you feel good. In the social field, a new friendship could bring a radical change to your life.

#Love Couples: Do you and your partner have many things? Is it time to clean the closet or the holiday souvenir boxes that were taken? They will know when they already have too many things. You may not feel it, but your relationship has endurance capacity at the end of the week. Stay with the good and let the bad go. Your positivism can have great benefits.

#Amor Singles: Do your appointments focus a lot on what you can give them in material rather than mentally or emotionally? If you feel that they take advantage of you at the beginning of the week, stop inviting people out. Being alone can be better than being with the wrong person, at least for now. There is very good energy around you towards the end of the week, but it's costing you hope. What really happens in your heart?

#Profession: You are in a good position to take advantage of the intense energy in your work. It is possible that communication is more complex than usual. Be alert to potential interruptions. People could be particularly sentimental. Do everything possible to encourage people of the sensitive type. There will be romance and fun, even if you are at work. Things will calm down soon. This is a good day to review the benefits related to work.

#Money: This week has to do with the Universe putting new offers on the table and more maneuvers in your investments. You may be worried that you have not advanced enough with your money or that you have not climbed any further on the corporate ladder. But your professional relationships in your career sector are about to make a very big positive transformation. Celebrate your good fortune!

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