# Gemini from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: You may want to share your personal ideas and opinions with others.

# Gemini from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: You may want to share your personal ideas and opinions with others. In fact, a moment of inspiration or a conversation with a friend could help you share what you think on social networks, and attract those who are on the same wavelength. If you are planning a social event or meeting, you may need a more practical approach. Do not trust that everything will be perfect in the big night, since there are possibilities that this is not the case.

#Amor Couple: Is it difficult for your partner to decipher if you are serious or playful? Your dual personality reaches its maximum level during the first days of the week, so you are not easy to read from one moment to the next. Give credit to your love for trying. There are some boring details that you should focus on during the weekend, but you want to do something more exciting. Take care of your responsibilities first and then go have fun.

#Amor Singles: You love to make jokes and make people laugh at the beginning of the week, which will be very attractive for your possible soul mate. If you meet someone who does not appreciate your sense of humor, it probably is not "the love of your life." Good dates are adventurous during the weekend. There will be no boring "dinner plus movie" quotes for you. Doing activities of two leads to passion.

#Profession: You, more than most people, can perceive a change that is going to happen now. Many good ideas and potential jobs have been pushing to be born. Things finally begin to flow in a constructive direction. This is an ideal time for conferences, training and trips to improve your long-term employment prospects and professional interests. Request advice from experts. Complicated situations need careful attention. Open up to make corrections.

#Money: You love making your place of work as comfortable as your home, and this could mean making others at work feel like family. With a harmonious look now, it is very likely that you take this a step further because it affects the area of ​​your chart that governs children, family, romance and fun. It sounds like organizing an event for the company is not a bad idea to keep morale high. Organizing games to entertain everyone will be more than good.

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