Weekly Horoscope Gemini | 03 to the 09 of July

The people of Gemini will live a week of great introspection, during which you can deepen your thoughts

Horoscope Weekly Gemini

03 to 09 July

During this week, anger and ego would be seen in the nature of Gemini. It will be better for you to control your anger and ego, as they can only create obstacles on your way to success. The conditions in your house will be good. There will be an increase in your expenses during this week. You can go abroad and spend money for mundane pleasures and sensual activities. You will be very determined and you would be able to make wise decisions in your workplace. Elderly people will extend favors during this week. Students can go abroad to study. Your income can exceed your expenses, so you need to have an economic approach to avoid a financial crisis.

The people of Gemini will live a week of great introspection, during which you can deepen your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings in order to determine what you want in your life and what things you should eliminate. This will be very useful because you can focus your energies and your efforts towards really important goals and not waste them in secondary issues In the workplace, starting on Monday will begin a very favorable period, especially for people of this sign who are out of work . The stars will impel you to take a training or specialization course within your training area that will be the key that will allow you to obtain in the next months the job you always dreamed of. In the field of finance and business, you must be very careful throughout this week, because legal problems may arise that you did not expect.

In the sentimental field, this week the Gemini man and woman will have many doubts about whether or not they should continue their relationship. You have recently started a relationship, you really like your partner's way of being but the problem appears on the sexual level. In intimacy, your partner does not satisfy you enough and that's why you doubt if you can continue with him or her. Do not give up so quickly, sexuality is something that is built, if you talk to your partner and you express your needs, surely they can reach an agreement between them.

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