Gemini Weekly Horoscope | 17 to the 23 of July

In the field of work, the people of Gemini will have some problems this week.

Horoscope Weekly Gemini

17 to 23 July

This week can bring some sadness to your encounter, Gemini. The good news is that things will change from the middle of the week and your worries will fade away. As the planets change in your table you will be able to take advantage of the positive energy to refresh your mood. If you are in a relationship, include your partner in any important decision making, Gemini.

Gemini single, this week make time to gather some friends and go for adventure. It is good to maintain life with an interesting touch. It may be that you even have the opportunity this week to have a light heart flirtation! Leave your hair loose and get in touch with your wild side this week. Live the moment of this week - it will be good for you to go with the flow of things, Gemini!

In the field of work, the people of Gemini will have some problems this week. You occupy a position of importance in your workplace you want to master all situations and everything goes according to plan. However, during the next few days many unforeseen situations will occur and you will have some difficulty in imposing your authority among your subordinates. The stars advise you to talk directly with these people or to take drastic measures with them because this type of behavior could compromise your own work in the near future.

In the field of love, the man of Gemini will have a stormy week. You have recently started a relationship and things are not working according to your expectations. Your partner has not managed to establish good links with your family or your intimate circle of friends. That is something that causes you much unrest because they are a fundamental part of your life. There will be a crisis and probably a separation, which at the beginning will be for a while.

However, during that time you will meet someone much more suitable for you. For its part, the Gemini woman will have an excellent week. Every day you are more in love with your partner, the more you know the man you love, the more you realize the enormous treasure that you have by your side. You are going through the best period of your life on a sentimental level, enjoy it and behave well so as not to lose it to that special person who has filled your life with light.

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