Gemini Weekly Horoscope | 18 to the September 24

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

September 18 to 24

You will be in the mood to share your home with the people you love as the New Moon and Venus in Virgo illuminate your sector of life in the home. This is an ideal time to do some cleaning, organization and order to prepare for a party for your friends or family. Bringing people together for spiritual conversations will evoke their charm and intellectual capacity. You will also be inspired to show your sense of style by adding elements of beauty to your living environment. A night with your sweet or cozy date will inspire romance on Wednesday, your best day of this week for love.

The New Moon focuses on your home. Think of getting rid of toxins by cleaning the air in your home. You will want to improve your environmental credentials too, perhaps by carrying out a lot more recycling.

The people of Gemini have behaved very negligently with their health during the last months and this week they will begin to pay the consequences of that error. During the next few days the toothache will force you to visit the dentist It will be a week in which, thanks to the influence of Uranus on your sign, great ideas will arise in your mind that if you manage to make them concrete they will allow you to have an economic respite that you need so much at this time. You are very well supported in the field of business, but you must get moving. Leave aside the depression for your money problems and look for ways to obtain the resources that allow you to implement your business venture.

You will see how success and economic stability comes into your life. During this week the presence of Mars in this sign will give all the people of Gemini a lot of mental clarity to reflect and amend the wrong behaviors. In the workplace you have always been very competitive and selfish. However, in this way you will not be able to grow because you do not grow up locked in yourself but relating to others. Regarding the loving terrain, the men and women of Gemini who are single will not experience any variation in their sentimental situation during this week. They are living a stage in which it is very difficult to build long-lasting relationships.

This situation will continue like this for at least a few more months.

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