Gemini Weekly Horoscope | 23 at 29 in October

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

October 23 to 29


This week, Gemini, you may have to rethink where you are going, as you are currently acting a bit blindly. It is time to stop, think and meditate, know what you are doing, reorder priorities and start to plan step by step what you are going to do.

In the order of things and all the little things that you are not evaluating is the key to your future personal success, since the projects, both physically and mentally and sentimentally, are beginning to take shape and little by little You are feeling that they begin to be tangible.

It is also a time to know what to leave behind, what to start to accumulate and know how to undertake things to keep moving forward, as it is a sweet moment in life and only with a little order and know-how will you see how it will improve all without noticing you once you have established the right priorities.

Keyword of the Week: Order

In the field of health,

This week, Gemini, you may have several mental conflicts that disturb you. Your impetus to do things and the organized disorder that you carry for life can take your toll during this week. It would be good if you started accepting advice from others in order to bring a little more peace and quiet to your current mental state, or seek professional help in case you are very stressed. The people around you are noticing much that your way of acting is sometimes sharp and somewhat quirky and is somewhat concerned about you.

Key Word in Health: Imbalance

In the labor and economic sphere

This week, Gemini, it is quite possible that you have to reaffirm yourself in your current position, since you should be alert to possible attacks that you receive from your work environment, whether colleagues, potential customers or suppliers, as well as your bosses more direct It is a moment in which having eyes in the neck can be very effective, since sometimes one does not really know if something can happen or not. Therefore, it is advisable to be alert to any movement I suspect of your environment that you are not able to identify perfectly.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Alert

In the field of love,

This week, Gemini, you're going to feel a bit imprisoned in your love life, since you may find that you are established in a routine that is not doing you any good. Try not to feel overwhelmed by this triviality, since more than a couple problem is rather an issue that due to lack of communication are making a grain of sand a mountain. Try to change a bit of perspective and broaden points of view, since otherwise you may end up exploding when you can possibly solve this type of problem with a little tact and change of vision in the way of doing things.

Key Word in Love: Imprisoned
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