Gemini Weekly Horoscope | 26 June to 02 for July

This week the people of Gemini will feel very good emotionally and psychologically. You will feel strong

Horoscope Weekly Gemini

26 June to 02 for July

With the main astrological event of the week that occurs in the axis of finance and self-esteem, this is a brilliant time to earn money or you must solve a small financial problem. Maybe you win something from a sale or purchase, maybe in a negotiation you find difficulties or it could be that money that you should not just reach your pockets.

Even if everything in your house is financially sound, there could be other problems that require a little left hand. Also, some people are going to be difficult to deal with and what might otherwise be a minor incident, could be taken out of any magnitude. Stay sane, serene and smiling!

This week the people of Gemini will feel very good emotionally and psychologically. You will feel strong and that strength will give you the desire to help the beings you love and who are going through a good time. You will be very busy in that sense, because some of your friends will turn to you to comfort them for their emotional problems. In the workplace, you should avoid during this week any attitude that can be interpreted by your bosses as a lack of respect.

The spirits of all the people who work with you will not be very calm during the next few days. There will be a lot of work and everyone will have to work under pressure. No one will have enough patience to endure your jokes, so the best thing you can do is work hard and talk little. In the economic sphere, it will not be a favorable week. If you have some money to collect you will have to put a lot of energy and firmly demand that they pay you, because otherwise you will never charge it.

In the sentimental field, the men and women of Gemini will be more willing this week than usual, to listen to their partners. The person you love always claims the same, your lack of effusiveness and your inability to express your emotions. You will try to do it and then you will realize that your inability to express your emotions has its origin in a trauma that you experienced during your childhood. This will be the beginning of a long road that will allow you to free yourself from many psychological ties of your past.

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