Gemini Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Weekly Gemini

21 to August 27

You have so much to teach others, but you are not doing it. The Solar Eclipse forces you to share your knowledge in some way. Only by going through this can you begin to understand how much you have to give, and then give voluntarily.

On Monday, 21 in August, the second of a rare pair of new moons by Leo ignites his third house of communication and socialization-also known as the house of "Gemini." And because it's a super-charged solar eclipse, you're sure to start a new chapter in your personal life. If you have been waiting to approach a work associate or acquaintance, things could escalate in exciting ways, perhaps leading you to try a side business together. Relationships with siblings can grow stronger, too, or if you have been struggling, you can bury the ax during this six-month cycle. And with the action planet Mars very close to the Moon, things could happen very quickly, so get your search or soul search out of the way and be ready to take action. When affable Venus enters this area on Saturday (until September's 19), you can find more members of your true tribe by exploring new meetings or established old clubs that revolve around some of your hobbies or activities you've been wanting to try. Since the third house also governs transportation, you might have luck in an amazing deal of a mountain bike or a hybrid car.

On Tuesday, the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo, illuminating his fourth family home, roots and domestic comforts until the September 22. It's funny how we can adapt to certain arrangements or accept unsatisfactory conditions. Decide that SOMETHING needs to change. Your home may seem suddenly too modest, or you may feel like you have to have a home office or a training zone. Some Gemini may be feeling the pull of home ownership, either in their current zip code or in a different city or country. With the Sun channeling the ordered and minimalist energy of Virgo, you could have a wild idea to embark on an important mission of disconnection for a month, giving away a ton of furniture and objects and clothes. While this will certainly please a few lucky friends, make sure you do not throw the child away with the bath water, and that when Mercury resumes moving forward in two weeks and the Sun moves, you will not regret your impulsiveness. When you have finished with the reorganization and redecoration, show your lightest and brightest space with a dinner. This is a nice time to join and reconnect with close friends and family, particularly your favorite girls.

The dynamic duos return to the track this Friday, when Shady Saturn concludes a particularly frustrating retrograde five-month cycle in Sagittarius and his relationship house. You may have felt stuck in your efforts to bond with a romantic or business partner since the April 6, and something that was delightfully gaining traction might have stalled (or disappeared). But wait, Gemini! Now that Saturn is resuming the forward movement in Sagittarius until the December 19 of 2017, you will be back in full force and you will feel your mojo come back. While this may have tempted you to bang your head against the wall more than once, at a deeper level, this three-year Saturn cycle (which began in December of 2014) has been offering private instruction on how to slow down and allow connections to progress organically. His high-octane sign often rushes into relationships, only to fall out of love or fear as quickly as he fell into it. But Saturn in his area of ​​association acts as a personal trainer. If you want to build strength, you have to put yourself to work. And for the Gemini you have, you could be enchanted by a commitment, marriage or a business agreement signed by the time this Saturn cycle completes the December 19 of 2017.

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