Runes Week Gemini | 10 to the 16 of July | Text

Runic prediction and angelic message for the sign of Gemini for the week of the 10 to the 16 of July of 2.017

Runes Gemini Week

10 to the 16 of July

This is the version of the post with the transcription of the video included IN THIS ENTRY, with a series of tips and novelties that we hope you also like, anyway we would like you to give us opinions in the posts that you would like to see added to the spreads or predictions in order to reach you more deeply, since everything we do With the utmost respect and love of the world towards you, it is what makes us strong every day.

The rune that governs you, augurs a week of personal change, which is guided by destiny. You will acquire new perspectives and broaden horizons. You are advancing, although almost imperceptibly. During this week, you will have positive surprises or reveal some mystery that worries you. Do not stick to the memories of the past.

Health is good. You will feel with strength, energy, motivation and courage. Good habits are bringing you benefit, and it is not time to stop them. You will begin to notice that well-being provided by taking care of you. You will feel happy, comfortable, and therefore you can enjoy both the time you dedicate to yourselves, and the time you share with friends and family.

When it comes to work the bad environment that surrounds you will dissipate. The calm and tranquility will return to your work environment. Even you will feel more calm, with less stress and in this way, more comfortable with your chores. The work will bring you benefits as long as you do it with responsibility and conscience. The runes also predict that it is a good time to acquire some new knowledge that will make you grow and will open doors for you. Do not hesitate to make suggestions or suggestions for improvement, they will be heard.

In love, It's a good time to consolidate, but as long as you're sure of it. A hasty decision can lead you to a cold or loneliness. It is a good time to take a personal journey that will lead you to know if what you have is what you want. Relationships can evolve, even pregnancy is possible. If it is not what you want, take precautions.

The Council of Angels: The only thing that man can not wish voluntarily is to love. Really love is a feeling that comes to us without us asking for it and therefore we can not control it.

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