Leo 2017: this will be a year of fire

Leo 2017: this will be a year of fire

Personal Life in the 2017:

This will be a year of fire that will inject energy into your professional, professional and creative sector. In January, the conjunction Sol-Pluto maintains your ambition and professional ethics as high as the sky. The separation conjunction Mars-Neptune makes sure that your emotions, your elevated spiritual ideals and instincts are not left behind.

The Sun will be in conjunction with fiery Mars as it enters Leo. This will be your main source of energy throughout the year. However, resist to exhaust yourself or to act too forcefully or impatiently. Relax and go for the gold. What you can achieve has no limit!

The Moon will not be in its New phase when the Sun enters Leo. This deep, quiet and dark Moon provides them unlimited access to intimate and prudent perceptions. With this strong Moon in Cancer, home and domestic concerns will be important and must be well taken care of.

The Moon will be in Leo during the Lunar Eclipse of the February 10. The Sun will be in Leo during the Lunar Eclipse of the August 7, followed by the Solar Eclipse also in Leo of the August 21. The periods of Lunar Eclipses will bring stress to intimate relationships and may create doubts about you. For its part, the Solar Eclipse can have more influence in public or social spaces. Be smart and be sensitive during these periods.

Of the four retrograde periods of Mercury this year, the third takes place from mid-August to early September beginning in Virgo and ending in Leo. He expects to emerge from such a period with many minor inconveniences unraveled and with more energy to keep moving forward.

Love in the 2017 - Couples:

With Jupiter in the kind and loving Libra for most of the year, relationships are especially favored in the 2017. Both generosity and compassionate feelings will keep them together and may sometimes soften their disagreements or different points of view.

Venus, the planet of love, will be in the curious and talkative Gemini when the Sun enters Leo. They should be able to talk about anything and have substantive and decisive discussions during this period of time.

Venus will retreat in Aries from the beginning of March and then in Pisces until mid-April. Your love life could become richer, calmer and calmer then.

In October, when Jupiter moves towards the serious and attractive Scorpion, couples could become even closer. Honesty, integrity and mutual devotion will be essential. Physical intimacy can also intensify.

Love in the 2017 - Singles:
Love is magical throughout the 2017, beginning with the conjunction between the passionate Mars and the dreamer Neptune in the intuitive and emotional Pisces.

When the Sun enters Leo, Mercury and the North Lunar Node will join in Leo. Speaking and listening will help you form some romantic and karmic connections.

Jupiter in Libra promises endless social and attractive opportunities, as well as generous companions. However, you will have to stay at a good pace and take some breaks alone to get the best results.

Venus will be retreating from early March to mid-April. Your social life could pause naturally now. If by then you are already in a strengthened relationship and expect to make a permanent commitment, consider waiting until the setback is over.

Love becomes more serious and deeper after Jupiter enters Scorpio in October. If the pace of your social life decreases, passion and intimate expressions may actually increase. In the 2017, your monetary situation, your career and all your professional efforts are highlighted. Of Mercury's four retrograde periods, the second that manifests from early April to early May will begin in the hardworking and stable Taurus and end in the impulsive Aries. Work diligently, respect any financial limitation and all your hard work could put big and long rewards on your way.

Saturn will retreat in the fiery but fun Sagittarius from the beginning of April until the end of August. Have discipline throughout the spring and summer, have clear goals and form great alliances with people in high places. Although it may not be instantly, your efforts will be rewarded.

December may be the most demanding month - and also profitable. The December 19, Saturn will return to Capricorn, its host sign. The December 21, the Sun also enters the Capricorn worker and then joint Saturn. Take the authority of your actions, efforts and your future now.

Profession & Money in the 2017:

In the 2016, the most profitable occupations will probably involve the type of work that is more mundane and less glamorous. This does not mean that they will be servile or degrading, it only refers to less showy and striking.

In January, an unexpected (and perhaps a great) opportunity may come, but do not jump at it immediately. Mercury will be retrograde in an Earth sign, so give the situation time to manifest its true colors. In the 2016, ask questions and do not settle for half answers.

Maybe in August you redefine what you want to do and how you want to do it in terms of career. Take action after the conclusion of Mercury's retrograde period at the end of September. Your monetary situation could improve, and your recognition could also increase by then. Have patience, wisdom and you will succeed. Jupiter is on your side.

Finally, in November and December, have more ambition and behave more practically and end the year in a very strong position and with a higher economic level.

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