Leo 08 / 06 / 2017 Horoscope

#General: Astral energy today asks you to get rid of old habits and make room for new ones.

Leo 08 / 06 / 2017 Horoscope

#General: Today's astral energy asks you to get rid of old habits and make room for new ones. Make a list that helps you decide which behaviors you no longer need. You will see that today's actions will set a totally new tone. Your dreams tonight will be much more vivid than usual, and you should have an intimate diary near your bed to record the events of the night.

#Love: Now you can abandon anything boring. Today is a great day for you to take the initiative! That object of your affection will receive a pleasant surprise and will be very receptive to your advances! By releasing yourself from the past you are opening all the doors.

#Profession: You are initiating a long-term phase in which it is more important to protect the capital and resources that you already have instead of launching yourself with greed to conquer more. Take the next four weeks to try to value more what you already have.

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