Leo horoscope today | 07 / 07 / 2017

I read today your friends are waiting for you and need to spend time with you.

Horoscope of I read today

07 / 07 / 2017

You are imbued with an "adventurous nerve" to look for new and exciting things today. This is because the Moon transits through your fifth house, the center of creative activity and the exuberance that is well known to you. The close conjunction with Saturn can make you learn at first, but this is likely to happen and your taste for exploration must be fulfilled. You have two thoughts about love, sex and marriage. On the one hand, you have lost interest in the traditional view and think that the whole game of romance is overrated. However this still does not solve the problem of your desires - through which you need love, affection and a creative outlet.

I read today your friends are waiting for you and need to spend time with you.
Make a good gesture and organize a meeting for the weekend from today, they will be happy.
You will make good friends with a partner, try to cultivate that friendship, it can last a lot in time.
Share the knowledge you have about a specific subject with your colleagues, you will soon see that they will take you as a positive leader within the group.
Love is in a stage of conflicts, so you must calm down and turn the cards in your favor.
Do not enter into discussions with the couple, nor make important decisions about the continuity of a relationship based only on the fights they may be having lately.
Alcohol with camphor is a good remedy to give you a massage in the places where you are accumulating tensions.
Take care of your posture and the back pains will end.

Daily Meditation: Happiness, as a child, must be allowed to grow. - Charles Morgan

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