Leo horoscope today | 08 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

08 / 08 / 2017

Exercise your weaponry before you actually use it. With Mars dominating your horoscope you may need to think about strategies to defeat your competitors and as the old adage says "destroy your enemy completely in the mind and spirit of the body". Unless you do, the war will go on and on. Sudden infatuations are also likely but will confuse you because others will not show your hand. Mars and Sun continue their transit in their sun sign now and are responsible for the emotional volatility. Honesty will be necessary to keep you on the right track. His service-oriented personality will be called to help people in distress.

I read today those who are in the study stage, have a special day, since not only will they learn something important for the rest of their professional career, but they will also be eligible for an important benefit that will be offered to them today. It could be a scholarship or a grant for a project in which you have been working.

At work there are times when you must deliver your knowledge to your colleagues, that will be the mission of the day, be sure to support those who have just entered your performance place or who have seen their performance go down, you are an innate leader, so It will be easy for you to do this.

Love has strange ways of showing up today, a person who has been watching you, but you have not seen it will be presented to you, do not make a snub, give yourself the opportunity to know more.

Daily meditation: Work is not making money; You work to justify life. - Marc Chagall

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