Leo horoscope today | 13 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

13 / 08 / 2017

Today is a roller coaster day with some ups and downs. You will be upset about the issues at home and feel completely out of control through everyone's interference. Do not let evil destroy your tranquility. You have a gift for making money now, but you could be burning your fingers. There is a real possibility that you can really spend more than you earn during the transit of Venus in your twelfth house of excessive spending. Finding a balance between your financial responsibilities and your creative needs is the key to today's happiness. If you are not married or in a relationship there may be someone quite charming, but it is flirtatious and unreliable.

At some point on the line, your famous confidence turned into anxiety, and now you feel careless, ignored and overlooked. Remember, however, that everything is a matter of perception. Maybe your friends are just too busy to call you today - hey, it happens. Maybe that prospective client is still considering your proposal, and he will return the call tomorrow. Insisting on having your needs met in the first place is not the way to focus yourself for others. Have a heart

I read today health problems that affected you or someone very important in your life are going well, so today you will receive excellent news regarding this issue.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy healthy people who do your mind and spirit well, do not despise the opportunity to do this, you could receive pleasant surprises from someone who is included in the group, you never know what could happen more ahead.

An expected news about a money you requested can arrive today, so be confident, as your financial problems or a difficult situation that may be happening will be solved soon.

Love is present in your life, you just have to learn to see the signs and the right people, do not be afraid to approach someone who has intrigued you for quite some time.

Daily Meditation: Time is a very healing place, one in which you can grow. Denise Tanner

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