Leo horoscope today | 16 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

16 / 08 / 2017

It is a type of day tied with wire, nervous and the hard aspects of planets like the Moon and Mercury in retrograde lead to additional confusion. It is likely to be an intense day. Rest well before. The negotiation may be on the table but you need to look at the fine print before committing. Even if you are totally justified in destroying someone today, do you want to risk losing your peace of mind and regret your words later? Today is a day of self-control and this will give you opportunities to show that you are the teacher instead of being the servant of your emotions and your mind

Your creative side is prominent nowadays, and the problems seem more like interesting puzzles - the ones you know you can solve, given only a little time to consider the variables. If skills like thinking about your feet and talking your way out of corners come in handy in your line of work, you are sure to be a star employee today. Just make sure there is some substance behind your words. It would be a shame to waste all this energy.

I read today you are losing control of your life and you have noticed.

Do not let others make so many decisions for you, especially at work.

You have an opportunity to be happy with a person who is entering your life, but you are letting others tell you what to do, do not listen to the comments or opinions that others give about this new person, form your own opinion and continue with the relationship if you really want it.

A person who has been bothering you will tell you something bad today, do not let it scare you and ask him to let you be at peace.

A family member needs help with a real estate issue, it is necessary that you give him your advice, he will ask you during the day, help him.

You will see a difficult situation on the street today, if it is necessary to intervene, do it.

. Daily Meditation: Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding. - Brian Greene

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