Leo horoscope today | 19 / 08 / 2017

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19 / 08 / 2017

You will find friends who will give you a mental boost, but do not forget that they can not read your mind. Ask for help if you need it especially if you are worried about money, which may be the case, while Mercury is retrograde in your financial zone. Your willpower is strong at this time. If you have found it difficult to eliminate unpleasant habits from your life, you can do so now. It's amazing how quickly the word spreads, so be careful what you say about someone or you can go back to them. This can cause a strain in your relationships. You need to stay positive and not let negative thinking get in the way of your professional success.

Surely you are sure of yourself! And it is a well-deserved contentment. For today, you will continue to feel strong and focused. Other people will surely appreciate your firm approach and focus on problems, projects and relationships alike. If you have started a new effort, you can give it a great push now. You will leave no doubt in anyone's mind that you are more than capable - that you are, in fact, a real competitor.

Leo today you are letting others handle your mind and your will, you must learn to think for yourself and not let yourself be influenced by others.

It is likely that you face family problems due to disagreements between your partner and a member of your family, do not let this happen and clarify things talking to both parties, it will be difficult, but with understanding and affection you could give a quick solution to the matter.

A person who knows you well will give you a wise advice, do not think you know everything, listen to what he says, since it is something important.

Health is at a high point, so do not neglect yourself, especially the climate changes.

Love needs you to begin to see it in a positive way, do not let the discussions that may have had a while ago affect the well-being of the relationship again.

Daily meditation: The best defense is a good offense. Jack Dempsey

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