#Leo 30 / 05 / 2017

#General: Today you may be asked to play an unusual role.

#Leo 30 / 05 / 2017

#General: Today they may ask you to play an unusual role. Perhaps your relatives ask you for help in something unexpected with the near future. Or your co-workers ask you to organize a meeting in the office. Look at it as an opportunity to have fun, and very soon you will have enthusiasm about it. Your imagination will help you create a great moment for everyone.

#Love: Today, be kind and above all HONESTY! The reward will far outweigh the intensity of the moment of truth. You will learn to take it into account because it seems to be a repeated love crime on your part! Today be true to yourself. Make this a habit.

#Profession: You have more influence on people than you think. And most of the time you do not even take advantage of it because you tend to let things take their natural course. This is the time for you to assert your weight and convince others to work by your side.

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