Leo horoscope today | 02 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

02 / 10 / 2017

I read today, to be silent many times is good because it avoids conflicts with others, but for Leo it is very difficult to go through this, you always have to give your opinion and express your dissatisfaction with injustice, precisely today you will be in a situation where you should not keep silent for any reason, especially if it is something that has had no reason to be and that you find somewhat unfair.

Start to see well those who are by your side, it is likely that there is someone who is not contributing good things to your life and is always pulling your desire to get ahead down.

A person in whom you have a lot of interest will make a snub today, do not stop making him notice this bad attitude that he is having with you, you offered him the possibility of finishing things before reaching this point, make clear your intentions and If you do not accept them, look elsewhere and retreat.

Astral climate
You will approach problems sensibly. You will have the opportunity to respect your principles and they will appreciate you more. It will be good to give you a few hours of total relaxation, more than necessity, it is an obligation!
Your encouragement
You will discover affinity with unusual people for you, especially today.

Your encouragement:

The pleasure to discover new things will give you wings in the investigation ... you will be able to reveal the secret of instinctive love. Your partner will thank you warmly.

Your sky clears and you can launch new projects that will be profitable.

The time has come to set a specific course of action, you know you can not let it pass.
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