Leo horoscope today | 03 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

03 / 09 / 2017

I read today a frustrating period of undesirable changes on a personal level is evident and there is no way to escape from the powerful aspect of Mars, the North Mercury node retrograde about their relationships and marital relationships. Complaints, misunderstandings and disputes can lead to problems with close family ties and with women in general. Feelings are easily harmed by wrong emotions. Do not try to make more than one statement or a problem of what is really there. You could be emotionally upset by some financial decision that has to be made. Someone close to you may not agree with your options now. You have to restrict people's access to you now.

It is difficult to share the spotlight with other people when you want it for yourself. But that's the kind of situation you'll have to navigate today, when teamwork is more important than personal glory. This is true even if someone steps on the toes, taking credit for something you accomplished. If this happens, remember that everything has to do with the good of the group. In the end, that is the goal that matters the most.

Leo today you are motivated to renew an element of your personal life. Mars in your sign linked with Uranus is leading you to make a change that will allow you to express more passion in your life. Maybe you are looking to spice up your relationship or develop a skill that triggers your creativity. Since change happens from the inside out, what change would it take to live more passionately, Leo? A change of perspective, priorities or habits may be necessary. As such, now is an ideal time to go inward to discover the steps you must take to achieve the desired result.

I read today a possible return to a relationship that was in trouble and ended abruptly, could happen today.

If you believe that the living conditions of both have changed and that what has separated them has been fixed in a moment, then you should take the option to return, but always keep in mind that you can not think that things are the same that at the beginning, both have gone through different paths and have changed over time, get used to knowing this person again.

Those who are willing to form a new relationship, may know today someone who have been watching for some time, do not miss the opportunity to return to love and begin to love.

The work has a very good moment, you will have the option to show all your skills and be in a privileged position in the place where you work.

Daily meditation: To be irreplaceable, you always have to be different. - Coco Chanel

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