Leo horoscope today | 04 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

04 / 09 / 2017

I read today good fortune smiles at you through general prosperity or material gains during this current cycle. But only through hard and diligent work on your part, you would receive all the benefits. It is a good time to promote personal and business matters, and take advantage of new opportunities for future expansion. You may have the opportunity to travel or experience pleasant contacts from those who live in distant cities. Your positive outlook during this trend should put you in touch with new friends or acquaintances and increase social contacts. You may be nervous about the criteria someone has set for you to perform the task on your own terms.

Today, you feel a deep need to help others in some way. This compassion can spread to a friend or stranger in need, a stray animal, a charitable organization or anyone else who sees that he needs help he can provide. Just make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. Selfless impulses should not come from a desire for recognition, but from genuinely wanting to make someone's burden a little lighter.

I read today when the Moon is in its opposite sign, it needs people. It does not matter if it's your partner, a friend or a close colleague, you need external support. Venus attractor in your sign aligned with the Jupiter amplifier in your communication zone invites conversations about how to improve your appearance. Check with a confidant who is qualified to give advice and advice related to the hairstyle, wardrobe, or its general appearance. You never do anything halfway, so you're probably planning an important style update. Getting advice from someone who keeps up with the latest trends and has an eye for beauty will help you hit your mark.

I read today You feel an internal defeat, it may be because of the loss of a job or a failure of love, do not let this throw you down, you can always find a new place to play and love has good news for you, because if you ended a relationship recently, someone else could appear very soon, you just have to pay attention to the signals.

Do not look at obstacles as a term of something, but they are only obstacles that teach us to be better and always be in constant evolution.

Leo has the task of making himself heard in his work, you have great abilities to be a great leader, so do not stay in a position of less importance, try to climb until you reach the top.

A close person will offer you a money in exchange for a very easy job, accept the offer.

Daily Meditation: Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of the illusion. - Jim Rohn

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