Leo horoscope today | 05 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

05 / 09 / 2017

Leo today you are confusing your relationships during this phase, as evidenced by the transient conjunction of the Moon and Neptune with a challenging Mars overlay. Do not make rushed decisions today, even if you are put in place as you might be irritable and short on time. You will be attractive and others will want to be part of the game of life you are playing at the moment, but do you really want to hang out with people who are really interested in you, but rather what kind of opportunities can be made available through the simple association. Eating and drinking and having a lot of fun seems to be the theme, but just do not overdo it.

Your emotions are all excited today. You may even feel melancholic or vulnerable, especially if you feel that someone you are close to is not as available as you would like. Feelings of loneliness or rejection can be painful, but in reality they offer a good learning opportunity. You are stronger than you think. Yours is the sign of the brave lion, after all! Trust yourself to get through any rough patch wonderfully intact.

I read today the retrograde phase of Mercury comes to an end today. Very soon your disorganization and running constantly behind schedule will be a thing of the past. You may not feel like you are out of the rough waters until after the September 19, but you can trust that smooth sailing is ahead. Today Mars is moving towards demanding Virgo and his house of money and possessions. At the end of October, he will be very aggressive when he goes after what he wants. If you are pursuing additional income or a prized possession that you have been wanting after, you will not stop until you claim your prize. You may have more expenses than usual, so keep an eye on the expense.

I read today you are leaving to take the weight to the things that matter more in the life, you need to begin to think much better the steps that you are going to give, you must open more the eyes to those who are to your around, do not always bring the best thing for you .

You have a debt to someone very close to you and you are very afraid of being charged, remember to pay what you owe, if the situation is the other way around and you are the one who fears to collect it, then take the courage to ask for what corresponds to you, you need that money.

An unforeseen expense could be something that ruins your day, but think you can recover the amount you spend in a short time, do not worry.

You will receive a very important business call, do not forget to attend, it could be a good opportunity.

A person has shown interest in you and you have not paid attention, open your eyes more.

Daily meditation: Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sun. Anthony J. D'Angelo

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