Leo horoscope today | 14 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

14 / 09 / 2017

I read today Dialogs and easy conferences are a lot the way to go, with many giving and taking, but this does not necessarily mean that you want to be with people who could feel more comfortable doing things via phone or correspondence and email. Friendship is important so that everything goes well the first time, however, it is necessary to test the waters before committing to face-to-face meetings. This will be even more important if you are overloaded now and time is of the essence. The transit of the Moon through your 12 house means that you need to sleep and a lot of it. One to give yourself permission to take some time out for that deserved rest?

Your links with friends and family have an extra meaning today. Now it feels especially important to get there and connect. Call a longtime friend, or visit an elderly relative. Talk and laugh at old memories, dear ones. These may even be bittersweet, but it still feels good to remember them. They are part of the continuity of your life. And you will never want to forget where you've been, or the person you used to be.

I read today A psychic message is leading the way. A Moon-Neptune aspect is awakening the depths of your psyche, which can trigger a psychic experience or the memory of past life. This is an ideal time to meditate to get ideas about a problem, a question or an emotional situation in which you are focused. Analysis of your past will also help you get to the source of a problem you are dealing with. The Moon-Pluto opposition this afternoon can fuel a powerful hunch that reveals what you need to free from your past to advance in your personal life. Primarily, these influences encourage you to take an inward journey to get the wisdom you need.

I read today You should not lower your arms in front of what you can not handle yet.

You have the power to fight and fight for what you have always wanted, do not let the obstacles prevent you from achieving that goal you traced some time ago.

You are losing strength and it shows, you can all notice it, start making small gestures that can make you recover the fighting spirit that you may be losing.

A person from the past could arrive to make your day a little more difficult, do not let it enter, it will not be a good thing and it will not project you positive things.

If you do business, do not sign an agreement that involves a lot of money today, it could be something of risk that later you will regret.

Do not forget to get together with your friends and loved ones, their presence in your life is a balm that can cure any war wounds you have.

Daily Meditation: Changes require innovation, and innovation leads to progress. - Li Keqiang

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