Leo horoscope today | 19 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

19 / 09 / 2017

Leo today Venus moves towards the chaste Virgo and his house of income and possessions. The power of Venus is somewhat weakened in this sign, however, you will still experience its influence in your financial affairs. In the coming weeks, you may find that you attract money and opportunities with ease. It will not be exactly an unexpected gain, but rather a smooth stream of good fortune. It is likely that you will spend more because certain luxuries and indulgences will be hard to resist. You like to live big and show your value, but if you're smart, you'll save some for later.

I read today You are in a period of transformation and you begin to see that the things around you are improving with the passage of time.

Do not let the fears to change in any way give you instability in your life, it's time to come to light and take what rightfully belongs to you.

You have a very good way of working and the people who are by your side know it, do not let the opportunity to get a promotion you want a lot inside go away, it is likely that today you receive a very good offer with respect to this topic.

A very dear person is looking for help and needs you, brings something good to his life giving him wise advice.

Love needs to transform, they are stagnating too much and the routine begins to consume them, do not let this happen to them, make positive changes.

Daily meditation: The only limit for our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts today. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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