Leo horoscope today | 22 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

22 / 08 / 2017

If the blood is thicker than water, what is thicker than blood? Spirit. Do not make the mistake of putting brothers and blood relatives before your greatest spiritual brothers and relatives. Karma dictates that you were born in a blood lineage. But that does not mean that your family should crush your spirit. Get away from family complications that strangle true spiritual friendships and thrive. You need time and space to recreate the peace of mind you may have once had now. With Jupiter transiting his third house, you are interested in expanding your mind and heart, but only on your terms. An assertive personal style is necessary right now.

Today is perfect to complete things. Put the finishing touches on a project at work or tie loose ends in a creative effort. This is also a good time to solve a problem with a friend or even to say goodbye to a person or behavior that no longer plays a positive role in your life. You will have less anxiety than usual to let go, because the moment is just right for him. In addition, the ordered terminations attract you. Other people can benefit from this mood of yours, too. Share the beauty of an elegant solution.

I read today is likely that during the day you receive more than one bad news, one of them could be the health status of someone very dear, do not worry, it will be something that may have a solution.

If you are in a relationship, it is time to stop making all the decisions that involve them together, let the other person also take the initiative, you can not always be the leader in everything.

A person who needs to know about you and that you may have had in mind these days needs to talk to you about something important, try to make a contact possible, even by message or phone.

You need to start making important decisions in studies, it's time to take an option that gives you happiness and personal satisfaction.

A possible bad evaluation will occur today, so you should pay attention to the signs and try to reverse this situation.

Daily Meditation: Meditation is the perspective crystal of the soul. - Owen Feltham

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