Leo horoscope today | 27 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

27 / 10 / 2017

Leo today you could be seeing everything behind a rose-colored crystal. You should not be so superficial and look better inside people and things, since from the inside emanates true beauty.

You could be a prisoner of appearances and be believing in false illusions and hopes. Apply because that person who may be attracting you may not be exactly what you are expecting, or that possible promotion may not come. Save your strength and meditate if what you have before you and what is being offered to you really adjusts to reality, above all, to your reality.

Your encouragement
You have a spirit of exploration, wanting to embark on new roads and routes, but you have to be careful since everything that glitters is not really gold. So be careful to accept any offer made to you. Once you have meditated on the proposal that could be made to you, find it correct and know that you can go ahead, keep in mind that you will surely take the reins.

Your encouragement:

I read today you could have a furtive encounter offering you any kind of hope for a greater good. Keep in mind that I could offer you just what you want to hear. Anyway, if you are in a couple could realize that the person next to you fits right in front of all the premises you have as a couple. If you do not have someone, today you may have the opportunity to meet someone who is really diligent and hardworking, so study well the possibility of not only offering yourself as a carnal good.


Leo today you will be willing to go in any way towards your goals. Whatever route you can take and going over what you have to go through. You will be extremely confident in your own possibilities and that can lead you to have tensions in your environment to be able to step on whoever you have ahead. Be careful with your pride with the people around you as they may be upset with you.


Leo today you are going to be extremely analytical in your job, at the same time that you are going to give off a bit of reliability in your actions. You could be diligent and nimble of mind today, as long as you know the extent of your actions. But despite that external appearance of trade, you are really going to be able to use your job as a springboard for your own purposes.

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