Leo horoscope today | 28 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

28 / 10 / 2017

Leo today you will feel fortunate before the things that are happening to you. It is likely that this is why your chest is inflated with pride and try to proclaim it to the four winds. But this is not the time for it, since fortune as it comes goes many times.

You are accumulating several factors right now, good luck, personal satisfactions and prestige among the people around you. You have to savor this moment deeply and look to the future with a clear mind to be able to act with energy and forcefulness at the right moment.

Your encouragement
Possibly today is a day of feeling somewhat dejected to remember and sink into the memories of what we have been leaving behind during our lives. It is a moment in which, despite feeling surrounded by good people and achievements, we do not feel that this is "right", since we have been able to suffer some kind of loss from which we have not recovered yet. You must raise your head and see with a little more perspective what is around you.

Your encouragement:

Leo today you will know exactly where your patience comes, since it really is a moment in which your presence is going to be noticed, making your partner calm down while you are with her. It is important not to get carried away by impulses, fashions or any kind of external condition at this moment, since your maxim with your partner will be to keep it protected. You must let things flow and stay open to free your heart of any burden with your partner.


Leo today you will feel generous and protective when the economic field is concerned. You will feel safe with your possessions and your current position in life. With that extra confidence you will be able to give advice, shelter and security to whoever asks for it and be worthy of that trust.


Leo today you will be somewhat the center of attention during the day, either because of your charisma, your wit or your extroverted sense of life. People are going to come to you to seek advice about your work since you are raising some of the superiors' looks, which you appreciate at this moment. You can gratify the extravagance in your actions by acting so impulsively that you do not measure well what you do and let yourself be carried away for the moment.

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